From 2015 till June 2018 there are 1527 persons from 68 countries who come to practice meditation at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. Top ten countries are Germany, USA, France, UK, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Spain.

Statistic of participants till June 2018

At Open Hall if there is no rain, one night can be organized for a session of meditation in the middle of lanterns. Open Hall was designed to offer a good atmosphere closed to the Buddha time.

In the middle of candle light

Gardening is an activity we can be closed to the nature. We live with the nature. We need to take care it. With mindful gardening we can create area and atmosphere to be green, clean and tidy. Then it will be a nice environment for everyone.

Joyful gardening time

This area was designed as a garden under shade of big tree. A man-made waterfall with pond and beautiful fish make this area a really exceptional one. Someone mentioned about J.R.R. Tolkien and his fantasy land with this place.

Moon Hall Garden: new wonderful spot for meditation

Many people love this place for its calmness because it’s the hall which is furthest from any noise outside. Sound of nature at this place is really wonderful. You can listen birds, cricket, gentle wind, etc.

Forest Hall: Be harmony with nature

Open Hall is a hall with no roof and no wall. Or we say our wall paper is the forest and the roof is tree and sky. Either in the morning or sometimes we meditate here during the night, this place offers people another wonderful experience.

New hall for open space atmosphere

Recently Pa Pae Meditation Retreat offers a new place to meditate called “Bamboo Swing”. Here participants can have another wonderful experience with nature.

Back to the jungle I : Bamboo Swing

Number of participants of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat increases from 113 persons in 2015 to 383 persons in 2016. There are 36 people from 17 new countries that never been at our place during the year before.

Statistic 2016