Céline, Belgian and Colombe, French met each other in Pa Ngan Island, Southern Thailand. Both francophones had plan to visit Northern city of Thailand. They decided to come together to Chiang Mai and then rent a motorbike to visit Pai. Both of them heard people talked about Pai and encouraged them to be there for this Thailand trip. On the way to Pai, they saw Pa Pae Meditation Retreat sign. It’s a topic which both of them are interested. Then they stop to ask and had chance to meditate for their first time. They liked that session and asked to […]

Two francophones initiate succusfully meditation

Last year Andrea, Italian professional pianist joined meditation retreat at Pop House ( It’s an initiation for his inner peace development. After last year retreat he meditates almost every day and his life changes. He becomes more calm, more relaxed and less influenced by the environment. Andrea travels around the world to play piano. Before he joined retreat in Chiang Mai, he has been in a five star hotel in the Middle East. Once he has chance for this year holiday, he decided to come back again to Thailand. Andrea joined meditation in Pa Pae Meditation Retreat Gardening activity At the […]

Italian professional pianist recommends meditation to everyone

        During 10 days retreat of Hong Kong group, Samantha who is from Canada and have experience working in Africa come to join retreat 26-28 May 2015. Samantha practiced meditation before with Thai temple in Canada. This trip to Thailand allowed her to explore more about meditation. She was happy and had 2 very good sessions in 3 days. She loved very much meditation place of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. See more pictures of Samantha during 26-28 May 2015

Samantha, Canadian joined 3 days retreat

       Form 20 to 29 May 2015, Pa Pae Meditation Retreat has experienced to organize 10 days meditation for 10 people from Hong Kong. Thanks to Jeff and his lovely team. This retreat made a big step to handle first time two digit size of participants. Bamboo hall serves this program at the first time. Also first time to organize alms offering in Pang Ma Kluay temple. Many activities such as fish releasing ,sky lantern releasing and gardening offered joyfulness to the group. From this successful program, Jeff with his group decided to reserve next retreat in November for 20 persons. That’s a wonderful news. See more […]

Big step of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat with HK group.

29 April – 1 May 2015, Susana from Spain who is now working in information technology joined 3 days retreat. After 3 days she discovered meditation is more than just relaxation. It’s a very good activity for anyone who would like to develop oneself to have more effectiveness in live. See more pictutes and testimonial of Susana

Susana from Spain joined retreat