View on the Wood court, Pa pae Meditation Retreat
On the top of the hill which is around 10 min walking from wooden house we can meditate at a special court called Lan Deun Peng or Moon court. Under big trees in the afternoon with gentle wind blowing give us a very good feeling during meditation. Many participants mentioned to stay and meditate longer here.    See more pictures of Moon court

Moon court or Lan Deun Peng

Thanks to the permission of the abbot, retreat in December and January had chance to be in Wat Pang Ma Kruay. 5 minutes from wood house participants will be in a traditional Nothern Thai temple. We can meditate in wooden teaching hall in front of many Buddha statues. Many participants love very much the atmosphere and energy here. See more pictures of Wat Pang Ma Kruay

Wat Pang Ma Kruay is a very good place to ...

Only 70 Km from Chiang Mai International Airport on the way to Pai, you will be in an exceptional place to feel free and relaxed. Environment in this place is ideal to initiate meditation or to enrich your meditation experience. Pa Pae Meditation Retreat locates in a Chiang Mai mountain area. Rice field, tea field and forest are around meditation site. Visitors can come to visit or meditate for  whole year. For more informaition please contact 081-764-2417 or

A new peaceful place to meditate in Chiang Mai