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Last 3 days retreat in Pai has been during 24-26 February. This program there were 17 participants from 8 countries. Three Israeli, three Frenchmen and one Chinese Australian lady stayed at least 2 sessions. The rest couldn’t participate more than one session. There were 2 Spanish, 2 English, 4 American, 1 French, 1 Italian.   Atmosphere was pleasant. With the gentle blowing wind from the rice field, mediation place was very comfortable for all participants. Many were surprise to know they can sit quietly 30-45 minutes. Meditatation experience of some participants could be long-lasting. Part of World Peace can be seen ready  in Pai.

24-26 February 2015 : 3 days retreat in Pai

  During 20 – 22 February 2015 three European participants joined 3 days retreat in Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. They are from Ireland, The Netherlands and Italy : 100% European. Most of the sessions were held on Moon court. Morning session was little cold. Aftenoon session was comfortable. Evening became cold again. Camp fire is necessary in the evening time. Feeling to be there is so special. Each day is always good day to train one’s own mind. One morning session was in Wat Pang Ma Kruay. After afternoon session it’s time for exercise. Around 1 hour to have physical exercise to do gardening. We develop together our meditation place. […]

20-22 February 2015 : 3 days retreat in Pa Pae