Monthly Archives: April 2015

It’s a great oppotunity for Pa Pae Meditation Retreat to recieve IDOP monks (IDOP = International Dhammayadaya Ordination Program) during 10-13 March 2015. They were from USA, Germany, Denmark, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Roof of Wat Pang Ma Kruay 1st day alms Mediation and Dhamma teaching Tudong or traditional pilgrimage walking for monks 2nd day alms 2nd day walking Arrive to Wat Pa Pae See more picture of IDOP visit during 10-13 March 2015 VDO of IDOP winter with pictures of Pa Pae visit inside

IDOP monks visit Pa Pae 10-13 March 2015

Two gentlemen from London joined retreat at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat during 14-16 March 2015. Robert flied from Japan to Thailand. Nathan were from London. Both searched for a place to learn meditation. Then they selected to come to Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. In Pa Pae they enjoyed a lot atmosphere, people, nature and teaching.

14-16 March 2015 : Welcome two Englishmen