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Céline, Belgian and Colombe, French met each other in Pa Ngan Island, Southern Thailand. Both francophones had plan to visit Northern city of Thailand. They decided to come together to Chiang Mai and then rent a motorbike to visit Pai. Both of them heard people talked about Pai and encouraged them to be there for this Thailand trip. On the way to Pai, they saw Pa Pae Meditation Retreat sign. It’s a topic which both of them are interested. Then they stop to ask and had chance to meditate for their first time. They liked that session and asked to […]

Two francophones initiate succusfully meditation

Not only offer meditation course and knowledge to international people, Pa Pae Meditation Retreat also concern local people who live around . Today Pa Pae Meditation Retreat has two projects for Pa Pae community. One is  English teaching at local school Another one is contribute breakfast for villagers at Local hospital Read more detail of village support

Pa Pae Meditation Retreat helps community at school and hospital