Three young people from Scotland and France joined as volunteer


Watch how they enjoyed Pa Pae Mediation Retreat  in VDO >> Francesca, Marcaux, Finley

From 31 August 2015 Francesca Coia from Scotland come to meditate and be a volunteer at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. Three days later her friends Finley Burgess from Scotland and Margaux Isbecque from France joined the program.

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Francesca helped to paint sign of meditation center and also do gardening.

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They enjoyed a lot meditation and activities.

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3 Sept.2015 Francesca has been in Pa Pae School to teach English and introduce Scotland to the children.

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5 Sept.15 they taught English for children in Wat Pang Ma Kluay. Children enjoyed so much. English becomes more motivated to speak here.

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They helped very much to arrange brick in from of sign of meditation center.

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Three young participants invite everyone to visit Pa Pae Meditation Retreat





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