Meditation with 4 elements


In Asia there are 4 elements which means earth, water, wind and fire. At Pa Pae Meditation Retreat participants can join 4 styles of meditation places which offer different way to be with 4 different elements. To be close to the nature helps to create pure energy for our mind.


At the chapel of Wat Pang Ma Kluay where each morning participants will be invited to join morning chanting, here is the place for earth element. In winter we have to close almost all windows and the door. We light the candle inside. This atmosphere is similar to be in a cave.

earth1res earth2


Participants can meditate at a small water fall of the village. At this place, you will enjoy to be in jungle atmosphere. Here is the best choice for afternoon session during summer. The tide of water is so helpful because water is clear and fresh. That helps to tune our mind to be peaceful easily.

water1 water4
water2 water3



Moon hall and bamboo hall offer greenery and lush view of nature. At bamboo hall, gentle wind help us very well to enjoy sitting meditation. At moon hall, you will feel how calmness and tranquility of the forest could be important to develop your meditation experience.

wind5 wind4
wind3 wind2
wind6 wind7


During winter, temperature will be low after sunset. It’s an opportunity to meditate with the fire. Yes, we can make a camp fire. Experience to meditate around a camp fire is also exceptional. Sound of the fire is also very nice to listen. It’s so calm and relaxed. Brightness of fire helps very much to visualize a bright object inside our body.

fire2 fire1

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