Who come to Pa Pae Meditation Retreat last 18 months


20160610_095857After start first 3 days meditation program for only one person at 25-27 December 2014 and later for the first group of 4 persons during 24-26 January 2015, Pa Pae Meditation Retreat keeps growing steadily. From almost nothing at the first moment, now we have many places to meditate and also have facilities can host people for maximum 20 persons for each program. People who come from friend’s suggestion become more and more. We cannot count how many people say they will come back.


Last whole year there are 113 participants coming from 32 countries (If we add participants who come as group from Hong Kong, America and India, there will be 159 persons). This year for first six months we have participants 156 persons. Last year maximum participants per month is 25 and 24 persons for November and December 2015. First six months of this year there are 4 months that participants are more than 20. January : 24, February : 42, March : 38 and June : 26. We have also people from new 10 countries during first half year.


For 269 participants from 42 countries, there are six countries that coming more. Four countries are in Europe, Germany : 36, France : 28, United Kingdom : 19 and The Netherlands : 19. Another two are USA : 26 and Canada : 22.

Together six countries become 55 % of all participants.


If you would like to know which countries are already in Pa Pae Meditation Retreat (We look for nationality which can be different from their birthplace and country they are living.)


20160603_094524Europeans come most as number of countries and people.

Germany 36

France 28

United Kingdom 19

The Netherlands 19

Belgium 6

Denmark 6

Switzerland 6

Italy 4

Austria 4

Ireland 4

Portugal 3

Slovenia 3

Poland 2

Russia 1

Sweden 1

Finland 1

Estonia 1

Lithuania 1

Slovakia 1

Spain 1

Together there are 145 Europeans who come from 21 countries.


North America share as second continent.

USA 26

Canada 22

There are 48 participants from two North America countries.


IMG_20160602_150608Asia become third continent as number of participants. There are 36 Asians from 9 countries.

Thailand 9

Singapore 6

Korea 6

China 4

Hong Kong 4

Malaysia 3

Japan 2

India 1

The Philippines 1


20 peoples are from 6 countries in South America.

Brazil 5

Argentina 5

Chile 5

Peru 2

Columbia 2

Cuba 1



Australia is only one country of Oceania that join our program. There are 8 Australians during 18 months.


Part of the world which comes less but can be interesting is Africa and the Middle East.

Israel 3

South Africa 1

Jordan 1

Palestine 1

There are 6 people come from Africa and the Middle East.


Please consider your participation can be a good sign for your country to see more people becoming interested to meditate. If you don’t see your country in this list, you can be first one of your country to be with us.


20160527_063918Wish one day we see people from around the world coming to talk silent language of meditation together. One by one, we listen people say lucky to know us and promise to share experience to their friends. Let’s see how message of peacefulness and happiness of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat will reach more and more people of our planet. There are too much suffering news we see each day. Here we show the world hope and light still exist. Just to start from Peace within.


Welcome to our inspirational land, Pa Pae Meditation Retreat.

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