New hall for open space atmosphere


aDSCN1601 After November 2016 participants who join ordination program of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat will stay at Kuti (Monk accommodation) on the hill. Atmosphere supports to be solitude and have time to practice meditation.

To allow monks to have their own area to practice meditation near new accommodation area. A hall was built by the concept to make as simplest place possible. Rather be back to the Lord Buddha time when he taught monks and people in the forest.

This hall is called Open Hall. This name refers to its identity to offer people more open space and feeling to be with the nature and also to free their mind from “the box”. Now not only monks who come to use this place, we also organize meditation session for participants of 3 days program. In last 3 months after start to use this place. Many participants already mentioned that here is their favorite one.

aDSCN1635Open Hall is a hall with no roof and no wall. Or we say our wall paper is the forest and the roof is tree and sky. Either in the morning or
sometimes we meditate here during the night, this place offers people another wonderful experience.

To be with the nature is really good location to let our mind to be slower. Once mind become slower, We can see more detail of oneself. We can see many things we have no chance to see during our daily life in the city. Modern people have faster and faster life. When we see more oneself, we can understand more oneself and finally we can love more oneself. More we can love oneself, we can start to share more love to the others and the whole world.


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