Forest Hall: Be harmony with nature


20161005_102522January 2016 Pa Pae Meditation Retreat started to develop a training zone for IDOP training program ( International Dhammadayada Ordination Program). This area was planned to host 20 new monks and their guidance. A meditation hall was built with the concept to be in the middle of the nature. Near this hall is space for tents and bathrooms. Later we call this hall as “Forest Hall”.

Participants of 3 days meditation program also come to use this place. Many people appreciate this place for its calmness because it’s the hall which is furthest from any noise outside. Sound of nature at this place is really wonderful. You can listen birds, cricket, gentle wind, etc. Panorama view of nature in front when you meditate offer you a really good feeling.

Nature is always essential as a basic support for mind training. Be with nature can make ourDSCN1206 mind softer. Many good feelings coming when we are in the nature. Experience can progress very well when we practice meditation in the nature.

Already one year that Forest Hall serves people to develop peacefulness and stillness in their mind. It’s another good place of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat for anyone who love meditation.

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