Bonfire: Listen to the fire is a good experience


DSCN1613During winter weather at Pa Pae become cold during the night and in the morning. Many participants think that Thailand should be warm everywhere and not prepare enough cloths to protect coldness when they come to join retreat. Later we heard many people agree that at our place is special cold than other part of Thailand.

An evening of each 3 days program we will organize meditation session around bonfire. To meditate with the fire is also another wonderful moment. Brightness and warmness of fire create very good atmosphere. Also it’s a special moment to be back to the nature. Instead of singing around bonfire when we were young scout. Here we meditate around bonfire without any talking or any song. Participants follow meditation guide and later meditate in silence with their own peaceful tuning  their mind. After a while we can listen soft and natural sound of fire which can be compared as similar good feeling we listen to flowing of water.

DSCN1982In the morning we also do walking meditation around bonfire and later we do siting meditation. Walking meditation is an activity we have movement of the body. We observe both feet and the body centre. Keep moving, breathing peacefully and maintain our mind to be always peaceful and mindful.


Many participants said their best experience happened at this bonfire place.

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