Moon Hall Garden: new wonderful spot for meditation


20161229_114349Recently participants can meditate at new area in front of Moon Hall. This area was designed as a garden under shade of big tree. A man-made waterfall with pond and beautiful fish make this area a really exceptional one. Someone mentioned about J.R.R. Tolkien and his fantasy land with this place. Nature and atmosphere here can bring your feeling back to a childhood dream in the Garden of Eden.


DSCN1038Participants can also walk on the path around the area. Walking meditation can be practiced here. To meditate at this area is very flexible. You can meditate or have a yoga exercise at Moon Hall with a feeling to be comfortable in a spacious meditation room or walking at the path around the garden. If you like water, fish, fountain and open air style, there is area you can sit at the pond. If you love lawn, a green court in the middle of the garden can be a favorite place for you.


Nature is always crucial for anyone spiritual journey. Moon Hall Garden is a good location for anyone to practice their meditation.

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