A full silent day was applied for 3 days retreat 2


DSC08478From July 2017 a silent full day* was applied during 3 days retreat. This practice starts from the first evening till next whole day. Participants are encouraged to spend more time with oneself. It can be a good break for someone who spend much time to travel. After a long trip of travelling some participants can have time to summarize life and their trip. Also mindfulness and quietness helps to slow down active mind. People can listen more beautiful voice of the nature and discover more peacefulness from their inner self. This practice creates peacefulness and mindfulness  for everyone. Reading or writing is possible. Some good dhamma books are available at the bookshelf.

After this period participants can be back to normal mindful mode. Silence still be appreciated. One hour silence before each session is always applied. For someone who love to continue their self training with quietness, they can do so. For some who love to share knowledge and wisdom with each other, it’s also appreciated. Each one can tune and find their own “Middle Way” based on value of respect between all participants.

*From second half of July, program plans to apply one and a half day full silent time.




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