In the middle of candle light


DSCN3030At Open Hall if there is no rain, one night can be organized for a session of meditation in the middle of lanterns. Open Hall was designed to offer a good atmosphere closed to the Buddha time. We can imagine after the Buddha attained enlightenment he started to teach disciples in the forest. Not any Buddhist temple was built yet. Also not any light from electricity existed at that time.

Then we imitate this feeling by lighting candle around Open Hall and each participant has one own candle in front. Back to the past with natural, spiritual and open air style can make many participants have some wonderful experience.

It’s another activity showing simplicity, nature and spirituality once being together can be so powerful. Monks in the past can develop deep spiritual experience by living with the nature, spend time with silence and being with oneself. Solitude silently in the nature is an important moment in spiritual world.

DSC08564 DSCN3248
DSC08524  DSC08570
DSC08599 open hall imp plus

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