Statistic of Ordination Program from February 2016- July 2017


From the first time Pa Pae Meditation Retreat, Thailand started program “Buddhist Ordination Experience” in February 2016. There are 12 people joined this program.


February 2016 First participant came from Japan and stayed for 1 month. He was so satisfied with this participation. It became a motivation for staff to keep developing this program. Two months later a young man from Philippines join ordination. He was less than 20 years old. So his ordination was to be a Buddhist novice. He was first novice of “Buddhist Ordination Experience” program.

 Fumi ord Beneto
Fumi, Japan Beneto, The Phillipines


May 2016 an owner of Italian restaurant living in London would like to find somewhere to experience a monk life. Then he came to Pa Pae and joined ordination as our first European monk ordained in this program. Two weeks later a Russian who supported long time Thai temple establishment in Russia tried to find a place to be ordained as monk in Thailand before leaving back to his town, Vladivostok, Russian city at the border of continent to Pacific ocean. He became first monk of the Eastern Europe joined the program.

Rinaldo Mikhail
Rinaldo, Italy Mikhail, Russia

No. 5

July 2016 A Singaporean who joined many times ordination would like to have a place to spend time almost whole day to meditate and also be a monk. One month before he joined ready an ordination program organized by a Thai monastic community in Japan. He appreciated very much his time in Pa Pae. Then he asked to come again. For second visit, he ordained alone. He became first international person joined two times ordination in Pa Pae.

Peter, Singapore


November 2016 a Spanish who learned Buddhism before and would like to find a place to have a real experience as a Buddhist monk. For his participation, it’s the first time program organized on the hill. Each participant has each one own Kuti (monastic resident). It’s the forest monastic style. He enjoyed his monk life very much. End of November a Canadian who was a professional international Thai style boxer would like to find a place to learn about meditation. He joined program as last person of year 2016.

Hector1 Dan
Hector, Spain Dan, Canada


January 2017 a Philippines who now works in Thailand had an inspiration to experience once in life time to be a Buddhist monk. His ordination organized with a South African who helped to establish meditation center in South Africa. It became first group ordination of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat.

Greame1 Laurence
Graeme, South Africa Laurence, The Philippines


April 2017 a Japanese who spent have time of his life out of Japan presented his interest to be ordained at Pa Pae for the second time after joined last year group ordination with Japanese group. At the same moment an American from Georgia, Atlanta who was volunteer of a meditation center in USA asked to joined ordination programs at Pa Pae. Until this moment he still be a monk. In July 2017 he moved to join IDOP program in Patumthani to have chance with more organized training. He was the first monk who prefer to stay for undetermined longer term.

Michi Michael
Michiharu, Japan Michael, USA


A Columbian- American teacher who taught in Sra Keaw near Cambodian border have a free time. He loved to use this moment to try an experience as monk. Even less than a month he joined program, he was still so satisfied to come and will apply wisdom of Buddhism to his life later. For him, we can consider also that he was the first South American who joined our retreat.

Juan, Columbian – American

Statistic of “Buddhist Ordination Experience” February 2016 – July 2017

Japan 2
United Stated of America 2
The Philippines 2
Italy 1
Russia 1
Singapore 1
Spain 1
Canada 1
South Africa 1
Total 12

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