A volunteer from Berlin brought smile to the village



From 26 March to 17 April 2015 Sarah, from Berlin, visit Pa Pae Meditation Retreat as a volunteer. Her time in Pang Ma Kluany village was so wonderful.


One day after she arrived in Pa Pae, Sarah had a very special chance to be only one international visitor of ordination ceremony.


Later she joined each morning when monks did their alms with villagers.


After ordination program finished, she become a wonderful volunteer by doing so many service such as cooking and gardening.


A visit to Tea factory of head of village.


Visit a house in the village where a mulberry tree is so big.


During Sonkran or traditional Thai New Year days, Sarah had chance to be in Chiang Mai city to observe atmosphere.


Each day she has discipline to walk around 10 km. A dog of neighbor joined her everyday as bodyguard. Her walk made whole village knew her and with her open personality that made people love their international visitor.


Meditation offers peacefulness for all.

Thank you Sarah to make Pang Ma Kluay village to have a wonderful time during her stay.

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