Ping got inspiration from Pa Pae Meditation Retreat



Ping, a Chinese American visited Pa Pae Meditation Retreat as a part of her spiritual trip in Thailand. With guidance of Ven. Chaisit who has been in USA and initiated Middle Meditation with Ping there, Ping could follow with a very good experience. Then she decided tocome to Thailand for around 1 month to learn more.




Ping visited Pa Pae Meditation Retreat from 17 – 19 April 2015. Short but very effective. Thanks to Ven. Pirapat, Aga and Joane, she had a good time in Pa Pae.

Later in Texas, USA


 A very good news coming after she arrived her home in USA. She can organize meditation at her house regularly with a very good response.


Recently she invite Ven. Vichak from Wat Phra Dhammakaya Texas to guide meditation. People who joined this session become so happy.


A meditation place in Texas

One thing we notice, she prefers to organize group meditation in nature. This model could be inspired from Pa Pae Meditation Retreat.


Meditation view in Pa Pae

Rejoice to Ping’s merit. May she keep spreading peace message to let more and more people get benefit of meditation practice.

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