Pa Pae#7 20-29 May

They During 20-29 May Pa Pae Meditation Retreat has experienced to organize 10 days meditation for 10 people from Hong Kong. Thanks to Jeff and his lovely team. This retreat made a big step for us to be able to handle first time 10 persons with the duration for 10 days.

arr arr1

The day HK group arrives.

bam4 bam1 bam2 bam3

Meditate at Bamboo hall

fish gar1 lan1

Fish releasing, gardening and sky lantern releasing.

wat1 wat2

Chanting and meditation in the temple

alms1 alms2 alms3 alms4

Alms offering in Pang Ma Kluay temple.


Thank to Jeff and team, participants offereed 3 bamboo huts and a drier to Pa Pae Meditation Retreat.

house house1

Atmosphere at accommodation place.