Some good reasons

Some good reasons to meditate at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat


Chiang Mai is a well known city of Thailand for its weather. Located in the middle of the mountains between Mae Teang, Chiang Mai and Pai, Mae Hong Son, Pa Pae Meditation becomes a wonderful place in a perfect nature with 360 degrees mountain scene. Climate of Pa Pae is cool for whole year. Specially in winter, meditation in the evening can be with bonfire. For summer, in some rare warm afternoon, to meditate at river site or small waterfall is a delightful choice. Pa Pae Meditation Retreat welcomes people from around the world for whole year.

In Thai Buddhist history many important monks such as Luang Pu Mun Bhuridatta, Luang Pu Kao Analayo, etc. spent their time in Chiang Mai for intensive retreat for some years. Spirituality is considered as an essential of city and people of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai has it charm of temples, mountain, jungle, culture and people. Chiang Mai is a destination to be “slow”.  Pa Pae is now a perfect area to be free from noisy road, concrete building and busy touristic atmosphere. It’s an area to be so relaxed and peaceful. In a small village called ” Pang Ma Kluay” where we practice mediation, you will be among friendly people, be around with tropical jungle and be able to visit freely temple and local school.

In only 1 hour and 10 min. on the direction from Chiang Mai Int’l Airport to Pai you will arrive Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. Road has quality of as a very good standard with many coffee places on the way.



Thai food is served in Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. Northern Thai food style will be provided quite often. Main energy can be from plain rice, sticky rice, noodle or bread.

Seasonal fruit would be served for the whole year.

Food is not vegetarian, however It’s also possible to order vegetarian food.

For anyone who could be serious to have no evening meal, it’s possible to take some soft drink or even soft evening meal.



To allow each individual reach a good development of meditation experience, we provide a simple comfortable accommodation. Warm water is available . Umbrella is free to use in site. Hot spot Wifi is also available.

Communication during retreat will be in English. It’s possible also to speak Thai and French with teaching monk.

All program run by donation principle. However to maintain the place to share meditation for more people in the future, we encourage everyone to support this program to be able to keep contribute wisdom to our world.



Teaching monk has degree in medicine, educational science, occupational science and medical science. He teaches dhamma and guide meditation in English. Content is useful and educative. Many examples base from scientific evidences. Western and Eastern wisdom become an important issue to discuss. All information is for support and encourage everyone to practice more meditation.

Many participants showed their satisfaction for the teaching which allowed them to understand more Buddhism and meditation. Many are inspired to keep continue practicing meditation in their daily life.




Middle Way Meditation is the technique introduced in Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. Participants will learn how to meditate by firstly relaxing well body and then focus mind gently at center of the body. Term ” mindfulness” of the practice means be mindful to keep observe continuously the center of the body.

Middle Way Meditation bases on attitude to be simple and easy. Word ” comfort” and “comfortable” becomes good indicator. If participants feel comfortable, it means good. Everybody will be asked to do almost nothing during meditation. Do less gives more and better experience. Many participants become so happy to know how meditate become easy, joyful and helpful.

Spirituality is important at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. Participants can experience atmosphere of morning chanting in the temple and also meditation in front of the candle during the night. They can observe cultural activities of the village for some traditional days. Alms offering can be also organized at the temple. White clothes will be available for all to wear during program to support together spiritual atmosphere. At the beginning and the end of each meditation session an action to pay homage and respect to the Buddha and teaching monk will be performed together.

Learning when meditate is a kind of self development training. Each individual has opportunity to observe inside oneself. Each one becomes their own responsible for their practice. Program will not try to create tension for any strict discipline. By contrary, everyone will be encouraged to adjust their practice by their own comfortable discipline. Mindfulness is stage of mind developed from inside.


20150913_095918Social Responsibility

Participants will be invited to share effort to keep clean the place. Chore activity support very well participants to have a good meditation experience. After some afternoon sessions, staff and participants would do together gardening. It’s a best way to exercise. Almost participants would like to come back to see flower or tree they planted.

Some Friday participants will be in invited to school to offer English teaching. A lot of visitors admire so much this program. Once a month Pa Pae Meditation Retreat offer breakfast for villagers who come to check up health. Some have economic difficulty. Some come from far away village. A breakfast can really relieve their tension. That’s how a meal has its meaning to share opportunity to the world.

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