Village contribution activities

Not only offer meditation course and knowledge to international people, Pa Pae Meditation Retreat also concern local people who live around . Today Pa Pae Meditation Retreat has two projects for Pa Pae community.

1. English teaching in local school



Some Friday, participants or volunteers of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat will be at Pang Ma Kluay school to offer English class and later guide children to meditate. This program allow them to see and learn from native speakers or at least people who can communicate fluently with English.

By the success of the program, now some children come to join English class organized in Wat Pang Ma Kluay after they finish their class each day.


We expect one day people from around the world can wonder how young generation of this small village can communicate with them very well in English.

2. Meal offering at local hospital



Not far from Pa Pae Meditation Retreat, Pa Pae local hospital has a lot of work to take care people from many villages. By the request of the hospital which needs help to offer a meal to people from remote area who come to check up their health and get some medicine. With their economy situation which is very limited, many can’t buy breakfast at the hospital. Then they can be very hungry till they arrive their home which some have to wait more than one hour to have their breakfast. Pa Pae Meditation Retreat agrees to support each month a breakfast for hundred people there. It can be another good opportunity to any participant or volunteer who stay at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat to join this charity activity.

Help people to be free from suffering  is very valuable.

May the merit of this activity  be shared to everyone in our world.