Program essentials


To be a monk, it’s a really important time of each one individual life.

Participants will train oneself for these three values following :

1. Self discipline

Each participants will learn and experience how simple life can be so rich. Spirituality starts with be mindful. We care every detail around us. All needs we use can be good material to train one self. We learn how to eat, to dress, to sit, to lay down, etc. Each moment can cultivate responsibility for oneself, community and the world. With mindfulness, each moment we keep everything around us be clean and tidy. All speech would be good and polite. All appointment and program would be in time. Discipline of the program will encourage everyone to discover each one their own potential of self training.

2. Meditation

To study Buddhism can’t be fulfilled without meditation. The Lord Buddha encouraged everyone to prove his teaching by practicing which means meditation. Meditation let each individual to be with oneself. More we can be with oneself inside, more we realize what is situation of each moment. More we meditate, more we feel calm, more our mind becomes bright, clear and pure. With the regular meditation for 3 weeks, four times a day, each participant will understand differently oneself and the world. It’s a way to let each individual realize that wisdom can be cultivated. Meditation can be also considered as a kind of education that individual discover knowledge and wisdom from within.

3. Wisdom

The teaching for three weeks will guide participants to observe precepts and to meditate regularly, then each one will see and understand life and world situation deeper and wiser. Better way of life can be realized. Sustainable peace will be feasible. World becomes more understandable and each day of life will become more lovable and more important. Smarter and wiser can be cultivated, once we know how to be calm and to be peaceful from inside.




How to apply

To prepare