Daily schedule for monk training program

05.30            Wake up

06.00             Meditation and morning chanting

07.00             Chore

07.15             Breakfast

09.30             Meditation and teaching or self meditation

11.00             Lunch

12.30             Personal time

14.30             Meditation and teaching or self meditation

16.00             Group activities

19.30             Evening chanting, meditation and teaching

21.00             Personal time

21.30            Bed time


Monk 10 Duties

After ordination daily routine will be for novice monk training. Principles will base on 10 duties which was guided for all monks from the Lord Buddha time. All of these duties support monks to focus to be spiritual person which be free from any worry or worldly desire. It consists of

  1. Going on alms round
  2. Sweeping the temple
  3. Confession
  4. Chanting and Meditation
  5. Reflection
  6. Caring for Your Preceptor
  7. Management, Maintenance, Exercise
  8. Studying the Dhamma and Monastic discipline
  9. Caring for Temple Property and Responsibility

10.Behaviors Worthy of Respect


Duration and scheduled

Contact by email to find appropriate time and duration.




How to apply

To prepare