People who are interested to be ordained as Buddhist monk or novice and stay at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat must be

  1. Gentlemen who can communicate in English
  2. In good health and free from infectious diseases or diseases such as diabetes, mental illness, epilepsy, asthma, kidney disease or drug dependence.
  3. Satisfied with a non-vegetarian diet and simple accommodation provided by the program
  4. Free of commitments which might interrupt them during the course
  5. Have a visa for stay in Thailand until the end of program
  6. Willing to strictly observe the Buddhist Eight Precepts as part of the training. The Eight Precepts involve abstaining from taking the life of any living creature, stealing, unchastely, speaking falsely, abusively or maliciously, consuming alcohol or intoxicants, taking food after midday, singing or dancing romantic songs, attending games and shows, wearing cosmetics, sleeping on luxurious high seats or beds.

Our training experience is that all these applied disciplines are essential conditions to enable participants to get the maximum benefit of inner peace and self-development.