What is Middle Way Meditation?

meditation-posture1 Middle Way Meditation is a meditation technique which focus mind to the center of the body. To train our mind to be still, it can be more effective to focus to a still point. Many meditation techniques focus with moving part of our body such as breathing or feet movement, body movement. Initially it helps to keep mind from not wandering around. Later if we feel calm and would like to be really still, movement of body can disturb us.


Center of the body locates in the middle of the abdomen at two finger width above navel level. It’s also the center of gravity of our body. To focus to center of the body, we can observe it as a point, sphere or area. Three possibilities to focus our mind at center of our body is visualization, mantra recitation and center area feeling.


To meditate, we do first relax our body until we really feel comfortable. Then start observe to inside. By visualizing a simple object such as a crystal ball, Sun, Moon or a star at the center or imagine a soft voice spreading from center area or just keep feeling soft and comfortable energy in the middle of abdomen, we will be able to maintain our mind to be within body continuously. More we remain relaxed and mindful, more mind be still, more we feel comfortable and peaceful.


For any experience which appearing during meditation, just be calm and relaxed. Keep observe continuously center of the body. If you feel comfortable during the session, it means you are on the right way.   Never force mind or try to use any mental effort during meditation such as doubt or analytic thinking. Better to do almost nothing. Just be relaxed. When mind become still, better solution will appear at that moment.


Almost every participants who join meditation retreat satisfy the Middle Way Meditation technic. A lot of people be inspired to continue to meditate every day.