Is meditation easy?


To meditate is different to another activities. When we do something, we have to move our body, to think, to plan, to understand, to cooperate, etc. It’s the activities that need action. Meditation is almost no action activity. During the meditate, we do almost nothing, we are not thinking and we don’t try to get, to have or to be anything.

Without a good guidance, to do nothing or to have nothing to do can neither be easy nor simple. 

A good instruction of meditation can let people discover power of silence and wonderful feeling of doing nothing. Meditation reveals true happiness with come from inside. Once you taste this feeling, you will be surprise why meditation can be easy and simple.

Our program has an objective to introduce an effective technique of meditation to inspire people to enjoy to meditate and be happy to apply it in daily life. Meditation should be an easy, simple and inspirational activity.