How can we train our mind?

You are lucky people to read this page. A lot of people in the world don’t know that mind can be trained. That’s why there are too many stories of suffering people in our world. Many ones try to solve their suffering by create another suffering. Not many people realize that many causes of suffering in our life start in our mind.


Well trained mind is considered as healthy mind. It will be pure, clear and bright. It helps people to see and understand better situation.


191Mind has nature as a kind of energy. It moves as wind, fire, water, electricity. Untrained mind or we can call monkey mind creates suffering. It’s the same how nature become problem such as flood, storm, etc.  If human being can use natural resources to produce energy, it should be possible to train our mind.


Many people consider that learning is a way to train mind. That’s true because it allows us to know and understand more. But this kind of training has its limit. Learning has always process of thinking. More or higher we learn, more complicated we can think. However it exists situation that thinking couldn’t really solve. Many people suffer by their own worrying thoughts. Many drink or smoke to leave from suffering but they are creating another suffering.


Meditation is an activity we train directly our mind. We do first arranging body to be comfortable. Then we will relax our body. Then we will focus our mind into our body. The Middle Way Meditation technique will guide people to observe center of their body. To observe inside we need almost zero effort. Less we try, less we expect, better we feel. Once people become relaxed and mindful, their mind will be more still. Purity, clarity and brightness are coming to their mind automatically. Still mind or well-trained mind can be developed by meditation.