Can meditation help to stop drinking?


Why people drink?

1) To escape from life suffering

2) For entertainment

3) For social relation

4) For health

5) Already addicted / alcoholic

Even we know alcohol is not good, it harms our health and life. It can destroy family stability and economy. It reduce credit. It can lead individual to many more problems. So many people still drink!


Briefly, people drink because their mind is weak. When we have to work hard and carry a lot of responsibility, each day can be tired day. We are tired mentally, not really physically. To solve it, one easy way, take something to refresh our mind. First popular choice is soft drink, coffee or tea. It’s acceptable because caffeine doesn’t disturb mind quality.


Alcohol is another choice because it make people become euphoria and forget all problems. Many consider drinking create friendship. Some assume effect to stimulate cardio-vascular system to be healthier. In fact, alcohol never solve life problems. It creates more. Relationship with alcohol is hard to be long last. There are too many health problems coming from alcohol. It also weakens and damages our mind quality and brightness.


IMG_9512To solve more effectively life situation, people should try meditate. When we meditate we charge energy directly to our mind. Once mind become well charged. We will feel more stable and calm. Mind will be stronger after meditation. People who meditate will change always problems to be solution. It’s also a way to develop leadership.


Meditation can replace alcohol for all function because it helps

1) To escape from life suffering.

2) To have balanced life.

3) To develop relationship.

4)  To be healthier.

5)  To be free from alcohol.

Better life quality will be created. Family atmosphere will be warmer. No expense to meditate. More credit to any work. Life will go better to its bright goal with meditation.