Can meditation help students to learn better?


Boy reading book

Meditation helps to learn better

Process of learning need a certain skill of concentration. To learn means to perceive information from educative resource by looking, listening or any other perception. At the moment signal touching any perception organ, mind will interprets it. Then we will form concept, meaning or idea in our mind. Understanding has been processed by this way. Each learning step, we need to have some background of knowledge and be able to concentrate enough to analyze initial formation to be knowledge.


Meditation helps to learn in three function.

  • Meditation helps to memorize  
  • Anyone who practice meditation regularly will have still and clear mind. Well-trained mind will be better focused and less disturbed by chaotic environment. They will concentrate better to the topic of studying.
  • Meditation helps to understand 
  • Understand means we can find relation of elements. When we learn there are a lot of elements of the subject we learn. More we can concentrate and be still, more we can see relation of elements. It’s easier to come to the point.
  • Meditation helps to create
  • Creativity is also better developed by meditation. When our mind become very clear and bright, we can have better intuition which is a part of creativity. Idea from bright and clear mind will be very effective because it has dimension of emotion, creative, intuitive, moral and spiritual.