Can meditation help to reduce stress?

There are a lot of scientific studies showing meditation can reduce stress. In USA it becomes a prescription of doctors for patients to reduce their stress. There are 2 important steps of meditation to reduce stress.

stillWaterFirst step: Calmness

Stress is a symptom developed from overthinking. In our daily life there are some situations which are complicated and difficult. It can make us feel unsafe or unsatisfied. We start with worrying. Then thoughts coming and staying in our head.

Meditation helps us to be calm. It’s very important because without calmness it’s possible we can react and make situation worse. With calmness we can cope better difficult situation.

Meditation can reduce all symptom of stress. Sympathetic nervous system can be controlled better. Heart rate and blood tension can be back to its normal level. Gastric acid in stomach which causes stomach ache or peptic ulcer becomes less. Metabolism of the whole body diminishes. Consumption of energy and waste elements in our blood vessel can be reduced.

Meditation creates calmness and balanced physical condition. It helps to promote health and also develop personality.


light-bulb-1Second step: Wisdom

After we become calm, we will see all situation better. At the right moment, solution or we can call wisdom can pop up in our mind. We call it also intuition, adaptation, improvisation, creativity or message.

Any moment when inside becomes calm we can see and understand better situation. Persons who meditate regularly will see less problem and create more solution. They know how to wait. They know that at right moment, stillness of their mind will offer right solution. They can be over the wave. They can make situation become simple. In their mind there is always hope and opportunity.

Solution from meditation is much effective because it comes from pure resource inside. It comes with loving kindness, sympathy and empathy. It serves and care everyone. Wisdom from inside always let all win together.

Meditation creates wisdom. It help to cope with stress in sustainable way.