How much does it cost?

1447397599794Pa Pae Meditation Retreat offer 3 days retreat program for anyone who are interested. Function of our place is based on donation. We appreciate to offer chance to anyone to know how to meditate and how we can apply it in our daily life.

Some participants ask for suggested donation. For food, accommodation and service in general, if people can support from 400 Bahts for each day / person, that would be really appreciated. For all offer, after spend it for all necessities including all maintenance, we will arrange it to develop the centers to be able to host more people in the future. Pa Pae Meditation Retreat was planned to be an important retreat center for all international people from around the world. We know now world needs very much peacefulness in each individual mind.

=> For One Day Extra: Hot spring + cooking, participants need to support some extra fee.

All teaching in our place is offered by teaching monk. If participants feel gratitude and would like to support or pay respect, you can donate for any amount of your own convenience.

Mind is more important than material. To have people to come to practice is essential. Please feel free to contact us, even you have small budget. Volunteer mode is also suggested, if you love to create together love, peace and compassion to our world.

Pa Pae Meditation Retreat is developed for you and the whole world community. Please join and be a part of our project.

=>When will be next 3 days retreat?