From Pai

By motorbike or private car from Pai

On the way from Pai to Chiang Mai at km.70 you will pass Pa Pae Local Administration office ( อบต.ป่าแป๋๋ / “Or Bor Tor Pa Pae“) at your right hand side. A big telecommunication antenna at your left hand side is a good notice.  You will see also sign to Pa Pae Meditaiton Retreat ธรรมสถานนานาชาติป่าแป๋ showing direction to the right for 1 km.

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Telecommunication pole and Pa Pae Police station sign Sign on the tree show right turning

When you see local administration center and local hospital of Pa Pae at your right hand side, please turn right and head to Pang Ma Kluay village. On the way you will see signs to Pa Pae Meditation Retreat ธรรมสถานนานาชาติป่าแป๋. From main road it’s around 1 km to reach us.

vantopai_res1By public transport from Pai

Take van direction back to Chaing Mai leaving every hour (7.00 am – 5.30 pm) from Pai van station. For minivan ticket office in Pai, look for Avia Pai Bus Station or at

Get off at Pa Pae Local Administration office ( อบต.ป่าแป๋๋ / “Or Bor Tor Pa Pae“) then walking along scenery way (1 km) or call 084-093-8383 for possible free pick up service.

For more information please contact or call 084-093-8383

Enjoy your trip!

To be there from Chiang Mai

Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

“A guide place for happiness and inner wisdom discovery ”

GPS Location  19.1153843 98.7107283