DCIM100MEDIADJI_0042.JPGPa Pae Meditation Retreat located at Pang Ma Kluay village, Moo 2, Pa Pae sub-district, Mae Teang district, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Population of the whole village (Moo 2) is around 850 residents. There are 11 sub area of the village

  1. Pang Ma Kluay – Bon (High)
  2. Pang Ma Kluay – Lum (Low)
  3. Pang Lam Yai
  4. Huay Pra Jao – Nuea (North)
  5. Huay Pra Jao – Tai (South)
  6. Pang Ma Now
  7. Pang Krai
  8. Ban Ton Noon
  9. Pang Tong Tad
  10. Mae Luang – Bon (High)
  11. Mae Luang – Lum (Low)


Pa Pae Meditation Retreat located near to Pang Ma Kluay – Bon (High) and Pang Ma Kluay – Lum (Low). In some good occasion participants will have opportunity to assist monks to do alms at different part of village.

See pictures of Alms offering in Pang Ma Kluay village.