w4Pang Ma Kluay village was established around 120 years. It’s during reign of King Rama V (1868-1910). Trade between Bangkok and Chiang Mai expanded very much. Westerners started to present in Chiang Mai also that moment. First European consulates were found by French and British at that time. Also first missionary of American Presbyterian was authorized in Thailand to establish school and hospital in Chiang Mai in 1867.

During trade expansion, people discovered that Pa Pae sub-district which located on the mountain between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son can be used to plant chewing tea which needs cool temperature and shadow of big tree. From that moment, people started to move from area closed to Chiang Mai to this area and later established many villages. Every people here can speak Thai and Northern Thai dialect. There is also hill tribe people called“Pa Ke Yo” or “Karen” who live on the mountain. They have their own dialect. Most of them can speak Thai and Northern Thai.

Today chewing tea which Chaing Mai people call “Miang” is a major production of Pang Ma Kluay village. It can be produced as chewing tea or normal tea.