20151218_151834Wat Pang Ma Kluay school is a government school with 85 students (2016). There are 2 kindergarden levels, 6 primary levels and 3 secondary levels. School receives students from 4 villages of Pa Pae sub-districts. Some students need to travel 7-8 kilometers to come to school.


Every Friday afternoon pupils will do Buddhist chanting before finish school. Some Friday Pa Pae Meditation Retreat will invite participants to teach English with some basic words and also words of other language. Teaching monk will lead meditation with children at the end.


DSCF1125In some special occasion Pa Pae Meditation Retreat organizes a visit to Kindergarten school which care for small children. This young children care school is under management of Pa Pae local administration office.


Participants can bring some souvenir, tools for studying, little things or something eatable to offer to students of Wat Pang Ma Kluay school, Kindergarten, Pa Pae School or other schools in the area. We can arrange good moment for the offering.