What do you learn during 3 days program?

20160811_162833What is meditation?


Meditation is an activity we work with our mind. So you will learn about basic concept of mind based on Buddhist wisdom. To meditation means a way to train our mind. It’s also a way to create our mind energy which brings us happiness and wisdom.

To meditate is a way to slow down our mind. Objective is to be able to taste and feel different happiness when your mind become still. Anyone start to have this feeling will say meditation is wonderful.

med7How to meditate?

The position for meditation will be explained. Then you will learn how to let your mind become slower. With guidance of each session and support of natural environment you will develop by your own rhythm slower speed of your mind. “Middle Way Meditation” Technic will be introduced. You will experience how to feel, to observe and to develop experience with your body center.
You will learn that “less can be more”.  Less you try, less you expect, less you put effort, more you will feel better.


riv6Why we meditate?

Second half of teaching will be focused about benefit of meditation. You will be surprised to know its incredible benefit.  Some skill, performance and wisdom which can be developed by meditation such as:

  1. Intuition

Meditation is one of the best way to develop intuition. When our mind become free and we feel really relaxed, it’s the moment we can get easier intuition. Idea when we have with intuition is a very effective one because it comes from pure source that means center of our body.

  1. Creativity

Meditation can let people become more creative. We know that when people stay at a comfortable place, we can have better feeling and be more creative. Meditation is a way to create comfort inside. More comfortable feeling we have inside, more creativity we can develop.

  1. Emotional intelligence

Meditation is a best solution to increase your emotional intelligence because it develops first self-understanding and later coming self-control. It can also develop our sympathy and empathy which let us understand better people around us.

  1. Social responsibility and ethics

Meditation is a best way to cultivate ethics and social responsibility. When we love oneself, we feel better to love and understand the others. Respect and compassion can be developed naturally in one own mind with meditation.

  1. Spirituality

It’s possible to make spirituality as a scientific subject, if we accept to prove what we learn. Meditation is the essential key because it allow us to be beyond any performance of scientific instrument. Well trained mind is unimaginable powerful. Then it will let us see and know the world “beyond”. All you learn will be asked to not believe. The Buddha asked people to prove by oneself. Way to prove is via meditation.

  1. Self-development, happiness and quality of life improvement

Meditation with sharing and precepts are important activities in our daily life. It’s the wisdom of Buddhism to encourage people to share, to respect the others by keep precepts and to meditate. It’s a way to enrich really our life and to be happy with a sustainable way.

  1. Health

When we meditate, our mind will be calmer. This condition will help to tune our 4 elements (earth, water, wind and fire) to be better balance. Our physiological function will run smoother when our mind be clear. Many studies showing meditation improve our health such as stress reduction, immune system enhancement and positive brain change.


We expect all participants will understand basic principle of meditation and know how to practice. We hope everyone who has been here will be motivated to practice meditation regularly. Also if anyone say “Meditation is easy and simple”, we will be really satisfied because it’s our objective to show people that meditation is not difficult and it’s really cool.

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