Some important things to bring with you?

DSCN1227Some important items to prepare for joining the program

  1. Towel

Please prepare you own towel.


  1. Repellent

Even mosquitoes is rare at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. During rainy season of Thailand ( May to October), mosquitoes can be more number especially in the evening from 18:00 to 19:00. Please prepare your own repellent to have an effective practice.


  1. Jacket,socks, etc

Temperature in Pa Pae is always lower than Chiang Mai city.  Average coldness in the morning during winter is around 12-18 degree. Some rare special cold morning, temperature can be lower than 10. We suppose to provide enough sleeping bag and blanket for everyone but if you can have also your own best way to keep warm the body that would be perfect.

4. Alarm clock

If you would like to be free from your mobile phone by not use it for any means, please prepare an alarm clock with you. It’s also possible to ask an alarm clock from our center.