From Chiang Mai Int’l airport

Most effective way to travel to Pa Pae Meditation Retreat from Chiang Mai International Airport is taxi –> minivan.

At Chiang Mai airport look for a taxi (limousine or taxi meter) to Chiang Mai Bus station, terminal 2 (200 bath). It takes around 10-15 min. Ask driver to drop you at ticket booth of minivan to Pai. Booth for ticket to Pa Pae / Pai is Avia service. If you ask taxi to bring you directly to Pa Pae, it should be around 1500 Bahts. You can negotiate. If you prefer Uber, it will be cheaper.

taxi-in-Chiang-Mai limousine1
Taxi metre  Limousine

dreamstime_xxl_65056558Then buy a ticket for minivan to Pa Pae (150 Bath). Ask to get off at Pa Pae Local Administration ( Or Bor Tor Pa Pae – in Thai อบต.ป่าแป๋) or Baan Pang Ma Kluay – in Thai บ้านปางมะกล้วย ). When you get into the minivan, It would be good to make sure that driver know exactly your destination. Tell them to drop you at Or Bor Tor Pa Pae or Baan Pang Ma Kluay. Minivan leaves every hour (6.30 am – 5.30 pm) from Chiang Mai Bus station.

signWith minivan it takes 1 hour 15-20 min. On the way once you leave around 1 hour, First sign to our place you can see starts from 6.5 km. before arriving. Pa Pae stop  (Pa Pae Local Administration) is at the sign showing 1 km. to our center.

Once you arrive at Pa Pae – Pang Ma Kluay stop. You can walk for around 900 m. by following signs. It’s a agreeable way because it’s a downhill walking with some good scene. If some villagers ask to offer a service either by motobike or pick up car, it’s their favor. You can keep walking or coming with them.  You can also call 084-093-8383 (Thun) for possible free pick up service.


Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

“A guide place for happiness and inner wisdom discovery ”

GPS Location  19.1153843 98.7107283