An inspiration

DSCN1650Not many people spend time to realize that life is so suffering. Everything around us is not permanent. Many things we love and like can leave us without any sign. Many things we don’t like come to our life even we agree or not.

Some wise people have idea to discover deeper meaning of life with spiritual practice. Happiness can happen simply once we have calmness and peacefulness inside. Silence can offer us wisdom. To be alone can be a great time to be able to listen better oneself.  Once being slow we can see more detail of life, something considered as crisis can be also opportunity. Something we look as an opportunity, we should be careful to not let it become crisis. Some little things we see can make life different later. To have time for a good break for life is a wonderful opportunity.

Long time in the history of mankind wise persons know to be alone with nature. Listening becomes different when we feel calm. Be a monk means a good moment to be with a spiritual path and to practice oneself to discover inner potential.

Monks will renounce to material life and search for more spiritual richness. Property of monk should be minimum. Less belonging means more free time and space.