Be a monk at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat


20161215_102443A self training program

Every day of each person is always important for each one. To be monk at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat, Thailand can offer new effective life style. Each day a monk will spend time and effort to train oneself, be mindful with every action, every activities and do it relaxingly. A monk need to manage time to have a good period of time to meditate.

Teaching monk will be responsible for arranging program and activities. Teaching will be offered as coaching style. Some good advice for self-training and meditation will be guided for every participants to discover and enjoy their special time being in monkshood.


Self awareness

Participants of ordination program will be invited to experience of a Buddhist spiritual life style. To be monk is a dedication to train oneself following the Buddha wisdom. In Buddhism individual need to teach oneself. There are not any better ways to cultivate morality, responsibility and ethics than let people realize by themselves value of respect.



Be monk need to be simple. With simplicity will allow us to see more detail of everything around us. Monks eat simply by taking donated food. Monks dress

Simply by taking only saffron robe. Monks sleep simply in a small room with almost nothing inside. Etc. Simplicity is essential to develop spirituality.


Be simple doesn’t mean be ignorant. But it’s the opposite. Be simple and wise together can create a wonderful mindfulness. Be monk is a peaceful serious life. That means monks need to train oneself to know and realize everything they do to never hurt or harm anyone but be beneficial socially, mentally spiritually for everyone.


Every participant will be encouraged to spend time to meditate as an essential activity. Same as Buddha time that he asked monks to find an appropriated place to train themselves such as straw pile, under the tree, empty house or in the cave, etc. Each one have more time being solitude to discover universal wisdom by their own effort. Guidance will be offered by teaching monk in order to let everyone develop or grow with their own path and rhythm.



Guidance to live as monk will be under supervision of the teaching monk. Participant will spend time to learn Dhamma with 3 ways. Firstly, with advice and instruction of the teaching monk, participants can learn how to be monk, what is essential of spiritual life, what is essential teaching in Buddhism, also how to  train oneself effectively with the Buddhist wisdom. Secondly, participants will have plenty of time to practice oneself. They can read good Dhamma books to discover more wisdom with a very calm and peaceful atmosphere. Thirdly, they have various meditation area to meditate by their own rhythm. It’s a mode of life for monks from the Buddha time. The Buddha encouraged monks to spend time to practice Dhamma that means practice meditation. Meditation is essential key to discover Dhamma that the Buddha revealed more than 2600 years ago.



Surrounding of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat, Thailand is a really good place for participants because everyone can enjoy practicing their meditation, learning dhamma by reading or spend time quietly alone in or out of their Kuti (monk residence).

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Different meditation halls can offer choice to find one own favorite peaceful place.

Participants can feel also warm feeling to live in a rural Thai community. For some morning to do alms, they will touch a very good feeling when receiving food from villagers. They are not rich but they can share and happy to offer food to monks. During the days in the area of the center some villages will pass by walking or with motorbike. Monks will feel also being with people with their real life style and rhythm