Ordination meaning

DSCN1305 Ordination is a ritual ceremony which change an ordinary people to become spiritual one. As a human being, everyone want to have a good life. People think and be serious first for their physical and social life. Everyone want to be healthy and be lovable.  People want to be successful in their personal life, family life and professional life.


However some people are looking for something with deeper meaning. They are interested to see, to know and to develop another part of life that scientific world couldn’t say anything. It’s spiritual world.


To be a spiritual person officially need to pass a process or ceremony called “ordination”. It’s an important moment of life that an individual decide to change their life style. From a life that expect to be and to have more materially to become a life which prefer to be more spiritually and be less materially.


DSCN2376Ordination is a religious process that changes a lay people to be a spiritual people. After ordination, individual will change their life from being a general individual to be a person who contribute or sacrifice more oneself to develop their own spiritual wisdom and experience. They also accept to follow rules or discipline with the spirituality of the community they joined.


In Buddhist tradition ordination can be arranged to ordain a gentleman to become a Buddhist monk. In Thai tradition a man can be a monk temporary. It’s a way to encourager each gentleman to have experience as monk at least once in their life time. Monk discipline can cultivate individual to be able to train themselves to refuse any activities that harm oneself or the others and they can encourage oneself to do more good deed.


A new monk need to learn how to do chanting and spend time each day to meditate. With the chance to study Buddha’s teaching and having time with reflection of their life each monk can earn a good time to discover oneself, find a better way of wisdom of their life and create more sympathy and empathy in their mind to become a better and happier person.


Simplicity of monk life will offer a new angle to see oneself differently. Difference between “need” and “want” can be distinguished when our mind become more mindful and less moving. Simple wise and happy life can be realized with a simple way of life as a monk.