Monkshood self-training

There are three basic training for monks to practice oneself

DSCN2798227 precepts

Self-training discipline for Theravada monks is 227 precepts.  They need to observe these precepts for 24 hours.  Most of the precepts are spiritual guides to not be reckless, not behave anything that people can complain or criticize, keep faith of the people with monk community as a faithful collective and inspire people to follow the Buddha teaching. Precepts allow monk to be more serious and more effective for their mind training.

From the Buddha time, 227 precepts was established from each action that’s not proper or suitable for monks to perform.

Four most serious precepts for monks are

  1. Have a sexual relation with human or animal
  2. Killing or ask someone to kill human
  3. Stealing property for some certain important value
  4. Claim special mind power that not possess.

These four rules are the most serious one and can finish the monkhood for anyone who break it. Another precepts are important guide for monk to be a true monk and keep faith and respect of the society for the whole sangha.

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Practice meditation

20170131_070030Monks have more time than laypeople because they don’t do cooking, working, spending time with family, etc. Monks precepts limit many activities for having more to meditate.

With meditation persons can follow path of the Buddha wisdom. It’s the way to prove his precious teaching. Meditation offer deeper, purer satisfaction and happiness. Meditation create spiritual power that allow individual to discover oneself and inner wisdom



20170422_161144Cultivate wisdom

More mind be still, more wisdom be cultivated. Empathy, sympathy, understanding, compassion, social responsibility, ethics, morality, love, compassion, sharing, etc. will be developed naturally with well-trained mind. Simplicity is a wisdom of monk life. Calmness, stillness and peacefulness offer contentment. Less possession and property shows more space, freedom and quality of an individual life. Deeper experience and inner wisdom can be developed by dedication of monk life.



Traditionally being a monks will get enormous benefit such as :

  1. Monks will be respectable from community no matter which status they are from.
  2. Monks have more time to meditate, to study Dhamma and to develop deeper experience of meditation.
  3. Monks can cultivate more spiritual power that can change life situation.
  4. Monks have less distraction and disturbance from livelihood competition.
  5. Monks can be happy with simple life and freedom from family or professional involvement.
  6. Monks can spread more loving kindness to the world.
  7. Monks can help their parents to be able to be born at a better place for their hereafter.