Ordination ceremony


DSC_0792 (1)Ordination ceremony organized by Pa Pae Meditation Retreat is held at Wat San pu loei, Mae Teang sub-district, Mae Teang district, Chaing Mai (วัดสันปูเลย ต.แม่แตง อ.แม่แตง จ.เชียงใหม่). It’s the temple where the Preceptor who is monastic chief of Mae Teang district, Chiang Mai, Thailand resides. It take around 40 min. from Pa Pae Meditation Retreat for the distance 35 km.

Ceremony will mainly be in the chapel, in Thai called Ubosot(โบสถ์) where is an important area accepted by monastic community to be able to perform significant fundamental activities such as ordination and official Patimokkha or 227 precepts revision

GPSWat San Pu Loei, Mae Taeng วัดสันปูเลย แม่แตง  19.136102, 98.920528


Ceremony sequence

Sequence of the ceremony will be as following.

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Forgiveness announcement
  1. Circumambulation

Ordinand with supporters will walk clockwise around chapel for three rounds. It shows respect to the place and the Triple Gems (Buddha, dhamma – Buddha teaching and Sangha – monk community). Everyone need to take off shoes during this walking.

  1. Forgiveness announcement and robes receiving

Public will be in a hall. Then ordinand come to this hall to announce his forgiveness in front of parents, representative of parents and the public in English and Thai. This tradition shows intention of ordinand to purify their mind before ordination from any negative karma even any unintentional action they harm anyone in the past in this life and in uncountable previous life. Then parents or representative will offer robes.

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Ordination as a novice

Bowl receiving

  1. Ordination as a novice

Ordinand comes into chapel with robes, pays respect and asks preceptor to allow him to be ordain. Then preceptor will lead ordinand to take Triple Gems as refuge and teach about five organs as object for meditation which are hair at head, hair at skin, nail, teeth and skin. These five organs show their decay, dirty and impermanence.

Then ordinand can change clothes to take new robes. Later he ask 10 precepts from preceptor. End of this step ordinand become a novice.

  1. Bowl receiving

New novice walk back to parents or representative at public hall to receive bowl and return to chapel.

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Ordination as a monk

With Preceptors and monastic witness
  1. Ordination as a monk

In the chapel novice ask preceptor to be his supervisor. Then new Pali name will be given by the preceptor. Later he will indicate four necessary objects to become monk that mean bowl and three important robes. Then ordidand will go out and stand in front of the door. Two assistant ask him questions in Pali. Once ordinand answer correctly, they will allow him to be in the middle of Sangha. He asks to be a monk. Sangha continues to chant and ask him again questions. Chanting will be continue till word “Evametang Tarayami” That means new monk is ready accepted as a new member of community. After finish this cchanting, preceptor will teach what monk can and can’t do. New monk showing respect and do offering. Group picture will be taken at the last moment.