Basic self training after ordination

Four basic necessities as a self training for monks

To be monks need to be mindful for every moment in life. From wake up until go to bed ones can train oneself through ordinary daily activities. Before using or taking anythings, each one need to be mindful to the purpose not to use for pleasure or to be more admirable but uses them to just allow to be alive and to be able to practice oneself, to practice one own mind to the Buddha Path toward Nirvana.



Monk use saffron robes in different form. Each participant will have two sets of robes. One from the ordination day is considered as their main robes. Another one is the additional to change and to wash between these two sets. Some important practices according to 227 precepts will be advised by teaching monk.



Monk can’t cook. Then either monks need to do alms in the morning or people will come to offer food at the dining place in the morning. Monks accept any food the public offer. After offering as alms round or at the dining place, monk will bless in Pali people for their generosity appreciation and for better things in their life.



Monks stay in personal Kuti (monk residence). It’s a small building with minimum facility. They need to take care Kuti and surrounding by cleaning inside the accommodation and the area around regularly.


Toilet / restroom

There are two toilets with bathroom inside. Monks help to take care this place together. Robe washing can be done in this area