Routine activities


Morning and evening chanting is a daily activities for all new monk. Chanting can be with meditation retreat group or with only monks. Chanting for only monks has more chapters about four necessities usage consideration.



New monk need to practice chanting such as morning chanting, evening chanting and blessing. Chanting is very helpful to let our mind to be calm. Wording of chanting in Buddhism mainly is in Pali which existed from the Buddha time. It concerns about value of Triple Gems that means the Buddha : the enlighten one, the Dhamma : truth, which was discovered by the Buddha and the Sangha : ones who can follow the Middle Way until attained enlightenment. Triple Gems are considered as most pure elements of universe.  Then, chanting purify their mind to be clearer and brighter.



New monk need to manage time to meditate daily to be able to develop a good experience of meditation. He can meditate in Kuti (monk accommodation) or at a meditation hall. He can meditate personally or with group. Suggestion is to be at least once a day to do chanting and meditation with teaching monk.



New monk need to do cleaning different area such as around Kuti, around meditation hall, etc.

Cleaning is one of the best activities which reduces or controls ego effectively. Monk status in the society need to be far from ego. In the opposite way, monk life should offer an effective chance for people to be simple and ordinary again. Without ego life can be a really valuable one.