Special activities

Beneficial activities during being monkshood



Alms round Dhamma sharing

Alms round

New monk will do alms round in different part of the village around four days. It’s a chance for villagers to offer food to new monk. Also he can see generosity of villagers and be inspired to practice more Dhamma.


Dhamma sharing

In some good occasion new monk will be invited to share his experience with meditation retreat group.


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School visit Food offering at the hospital

School visit

Some good occasion new monks can visit school to teach English to students by themselves or with other participants who join three days meditation program.


Food offering at the hospital

Once a month the center offers food to villagers at local hospital. Monk will be invited to share this offering to the people.


Visit traditional ceremony in the village

For some good opportunity new monks will be invited to join some important ceremony in the area. In can be a special experience to see local tradition.