Way to visit Pa Pae Meditation Retreat from Chiang Mai

Way to visit Pa Pae Meditation Retreat from Pai

In Pa Pae Meditation Retreat visitors can be in many exceptional areas which is so peaceful and calm. For anyone to love ” slow life”, here is a best choice.



Main accommodation area is at Wooden house. There are 2 two beds room and 2 one bed room. Atmosphere is so relaxed in this house.

See more pictures of Wood house (Heun Boon เฮือนบุญ)


Bamboo hut is also available for anyone who would like to have one’s own private retreat area.

See more pictures of Bamboo huts

Wat Pang Ma Kluay


Main temple of village is named Wat Pang Ma Kluay. Participants can meditate and chant in teaching hall of the temple. Many people have good experience of meditation here.

See more pictures of Wat Pang Ma Kluay

Dhamma court


A court near wooden house can offer a place to meditate. A bamboo building is a fascinated place where visitors see nature around with exceptional view.

See more pictures of Dhamma court

Moon court


On the top of the hill near house visitors can meditate under big trees with the natural voice such as birds, wind and tropical insects.

See more pictures of Lan Deuan Peng (ลานเดือนเป็ง) or Moon court

River site


Near to the temple visitors can meditate at River site or small water fall. When people meditate with water fall voice it makes them feel so relaxed and concentrated very well.

See more pictures of River site

Multipurpose house


A house of size 4*6 m is possible to organize as a meditation hall or as an individual house.


Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

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