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Pa Pae Meditation Retreat  or ธรรมสถานนานาชาติป่าแป๋ is an international retreat center in Thailand located in Pang Ma Kluay village, Moo 2, Pa Pae sub-district, Mae Teang district which far from Chiang Mai city around 70 km. First retreat program starts in Jan. 2015 with a good reception and satisfaction of participants from around the world.

GPS Location  19.1153843 98.7107283

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20170621_144940This project aims to support international people who are interested about meditation. Number of tourists from around the world who visit Thailand increases every year. An attraction of Thailand, country of smile, can be Buddhist wisdom. In Buddhism, meditation is an essential. To understand Buddhism really needs to learn and to practice meditation. As a Buddhist country, Thailand offer a lot of good places for people from different culture and tradition to learn about meditation and Buddhism.

To practice meditation can be considered as a new trend in the modern world. Many people heard about meditation and they want to find some place to initiate. Some practice already for a certain moment and want to find a place to develop more experience. Some know how to practice and stop for a while and want to reactivate the practice to be as a daily activity. Some are looking for a new mode of recreation. Some prefer just to a simple try, etc. Pa Pae Meditation Retreat provides meditation program as an introduction of meditation based on scientific principle and international self development concept.

Interesting reasons to join meditation retreat at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat


20170621_194627Pa Pae Meditation Retreat is a meditation center which offer opportunity for international people to discover meditation with various angle. Participants can have a step by step explanation about meditation, its principle, role, benefit, etc. Technique of meditation at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat is Middle Way meditation. Concept and principle of meditation and Middle Way Meditation will be introduced from the beginning. Then each session participants will have a meditation session around 45-50 mins. Participants can consult about their meditation experience at the end of each meditation session. One important objective of this program is how to motivate people to apply meditation in their daily life after and if people can see meditation is a happy and joyful activity, not a tough and self fighting one.

What is Middle Way Meditation?

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When will be next 3 days retreat?


20170627_145055Participants can also request to stay longer than 3 days. Or if someone have already joined a retreat before at  our place, it’s possible to come and practice out of the program. Once anyone know basic of the technique, they can arrange their practice by their own style with flexible time and places (many halls). 

To meditation longer than 3 days


20170421_064008Pa Pae Meditation Retreat organizes also a Buddhist ordination program. This program serves any gentlemen who would like to experience a monk life for a period from 3-4 weeks. It’s a way to taste a feeling to be a spiritual person. More discipline and training are requested to join this program. Benefit is about authenticity, solitude and deeper self training.

Ordination at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat




20170627_145240Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

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GPS Location  19.1153843 98.7107283