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1440779316272Pa Pae Meditation Retreat  or ธรรมสถานนานาชาติป่าแป๋ is an international retreat center in Thailand located in Pang Ma Kluay village, Pa Pae sub-district, Mae Teang district which far from Chiang Mai city around 70 km.

GPS Location  19.1153843 98.7107283

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This project aims to support all propose to know or to practice meditation for international people.

In recent years many people visit Thailand learn oriental wisdom about meditation and Buddhism. Many would like to initiate how to meditate and to have a good guide to practice by their own later. Many are searching for a place to retreat and spend time to meditate in peaceful nature.


20150818_154009Pa Pae Meditation Retreat is organised to be a place for any people who are interested to discover benefit, potential and power of meditation. Meditation could be considerd as a best solution to support each one to find their own life balance. Life in modern time need to be relaxed and wise. If someone can feel something missing in life, it’s possible they are looking for solution from within. A way to realise resource from inside is just to know how to close our eyes and be peaceful inside.


20150927_183458Pa Pae Meditation Retreat  welcomes everyone to experience world heritage wisdom of Buddhism.

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For more information please contact papaemeditation@gmail.com or call 081-764-2417

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Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

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GPS Location  19.1153843 98.7107283