Accommodation – Food – Clothes

Accommodation for laypeople

Meditation need a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Each individual need to focus to one’s own inner calmness. Then, gentlemen and ladies are requested to be separated. There is a house with 2 double rooms and 2 single rooms. Then 6 people can be in this house. This part generally reserved for ladies.

In front of the main house there are another 6 bungalow huts which can hosts 2 people for each one. This area can be managed flexibly.  It depends to number of gentlemen and ladies of each group.

 20170819_132713 20170619_150147


20170620_114253Breakfast and lunch will be served every day. In the evening, balanced ‘Panna’ light refreshments such as milk, hot chocolate, tea and juice will be provided to help complement and enhance your meditation experience.

In case you have specification on meals, i.e. allergy or vegetarian, please specify when you register the program.

For anyone who have any health condition to not be able to refrain from dinner, it’s possible to ask for light meal as fruit or bread.

It’s also possible to bring your own specific food, if it’s important for your health condition.


White cloth for meditation activity will be prepared for all participants to borrow. For gardening time another set of cloth which is darker will be provided for this activity.

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White cloth uses for meditation activity Dark cloth use for gardening

Please be careful to prepare enough warm clothes with you. Always weather in Pa Pae is colder than in Chiang Mai city, especially at early morning. We always offer blanket. However, if you would like to sleep very well with the warmness in the night, it’s a very good idea to prepare some more clothes.

Some days in the winter weather can be under 10 degree in the morning time. Lowest degree for winter 2017-2018 at Pa Pae is once 4.5 degree celcius. 

For more information or registration please contact or call 081-764-2417