Meditation locations

One important purpose of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat is to offer natural atmosphere for participants. We see that nature can help to develop spiritual path. The Buddha stayed alone in the forest when he attained enlightenment. Moses always has been alone on the mountain when he got ten commandment. Mohammed stayed alone in the cave at the moment he got message from the god inspiring to be a prophet.

From the Buddha time, to be able to develop mental power and to discover inner wisdom, monks and laypeople were encouraged to practice meditation in the nature.  Pa Pae Meditation Retreat has some different locations to learn and practice.

  1. Center HallDSCN3376

It’s the only one hall that was built to be able to be as a close place. With glass window and mosquito net, participants can be safe from mosquito and insects but still be able to see natural view outside. Window can be adjusted for ventilation of the wind that need more during summer and need to close to keep hot air during winter.

Center Hall is a place for people who like to meditate at a comfortable, calm and peaceful place.

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  1. Moon HallIMG_0472

Moon Hall is the biggest hall which locates on the top of the hill. Name of this hall was inspired from the local people.  Some full moon day they saw a bright ball flying from the top of this hill to another hill of the area. Then we named this place to commemorate this supernatural event. At moon hall participants can enjoy being with nice space of the hall itself and scene of layers of mountains behind. Some days we see also nice cloud over the mountain.

Moon Hall offers a combination between space, nice view and comfortable feeling in the nature.

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  1. Moon Hall Garden20170705_145438

Besides Moon Hall is an area developed to be an open space area to meditate. A man-made waterfall and little pond with carpe inside create a very good atmosphere. Shade of the big tree, greenery lawn, moisture of the forest make this area a nice place to meditate. We can call this area Moon Hall Garden.

For people who love to be with the nature as the scene of the movies inspired by J.R. Tolkian. Moon Hall Garden can be a place closed to what they imagine.

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  1. Forest Hall20170705_100230

Not far from Moon Hall, behind the hill or another side of merit house there is an area developed for group training program. This area is the most remote distance from the village. It creates very peaceful atmosphere with nature.

For the one who like to listen nature. Beautiful voice of birds, crickets, etc. is prominent at this place.

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  1. Bamboo Hall20160603_094524

This hall is the first meditation place started to use May 2015. It’s the nearest hall to accommodation of participants. With the construction by bamboo makes this hall look simple and peaceful. We can see how villagers use natural material such as bamboo and leaves to make a building. Feeling being with the simple place can show how “less” can be also “more”. Because we get some good feeling that not exists in cement or modern material building.

For anyone who don’t want to walk much from accommodation area. Bamboo hall is a best choice. View and atmosphere at Bamboo Hall is good for whole day.

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  1. Jungle HallDSCN3093

This place was built with the idea to meditate as jungle style. Same we imagine how people lives on the big tree in Amazon forest. Or as imagination for Tarzan world. This hall was also built with bamboo. Floor of the hall is higher than the groove below around 3-4 meters. Way to this hall can be from two sides looked as board walk.

It’s another good place for participants considering as height and distance which is not much far from accommodation area. Feeling to be in the middle of this jungle offers a special good feeling staying in a pure nature.

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  1. Bamboo Swing20170528_062809

Under a big three there are three big swings made by bamboo hanging with this tree. It’s a unique spot showing power of simplicity together with nature. Come together some days to do morning chanting or sometimes someone come by themselves hanging with these swing can create a good atmosphere to practice our mind.

Bamboo swing becomes a place people like to take picture because of its form, style and idea.

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  1. Bonfire placeDSCN1623

Everyone has good memory to be with bonfire when we were young. As scout or other situation. At Bonfire Place, participants can have a special experience when meditating with the fire. Warmness and brightness of fire offer comfortable feeling especially in winter. Also we can listen to the fire from the beginning and later when fire become less active, its voice also be soft and nice. Brightness outside can induce good feeling and brightness inside at this place.

Many people showed impression they had with Bonfire place. Being in front of the fire under the evening sky with the group and teaching monk creates a very good feeling of happiness and freedom.

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  1. Open HallaDSCN1601

Near area of monks residence an open space was created to imitate the Buddha time. It’s a meditation place with no wall and no roof. After Buddha attained enlightenment when he started to share Dhamma or his special wisdom in the beginning teaching should be as open air style. Even later temples were built for monks to stay, living in the forest still be an effective life style of monks. Open Hall can be a good place for monks to be back to this atmosphere again. Also participants can come and use this place.

For some good opportunity candle light atmosphere can be arranged at this place and let participants have a special good feeling to meditate in the middle of the candle.

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  1. River SiteDSCN3371

River site is the only one place we use outside the retreat area. It belongs to the village. It’s a powerful spot for meditation. So many people show good feeling or experience at this place. Energy of the nature coming from the water, the rock, the forest make this area so fascinated.

Many participants mentioned this place this something be over their expectation.

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